A Study of Water Resource Management in Urban and Rural Areas of Jabalpur District

  • Dileep Kumar Koshta Assistant Professor, Department of Tax Procedure & Practice, Faculty of Commerce, St. Aloysius College (A), Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India
  • Ashu Jain Coordinator, Department of Tax Procedure & Practice, Faculty of Commerce St. Aloysius College, (A), Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India
Keywords: Water Resource Management, Government Policies, municipal Corporation, natural water resources


India is rich in natural water resources, but because of the uneven distribution of resources and improper management, the major part of the country suffers from drought almost every year. The present study is based upon the inappropriate management of water resources in the urban and rural area of Jabalpur. The present paper intends to find out the actual condition of management of water resources by the municipal corporation of Jabalpur, whether the citizens of Jabalpur are benefitted through the policies made by the government for the equal distribution of water resources, are the policies adequately implemented and monitored once they are made?The data has been collected from secondary and primary sources, and simple percentage method has been used to analyze the collected data. The outcome of the study reveals that the government is trying to manage the water resource and is concentrated on the equal distribution of water in both urban and rural areas. Many policies have been prepared by the local government, but ineffective monitoring is the leading cause of improper management of water resources.

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