Bitcoin – An Overview

  • M Sharmila Devi Ph.D. Research Scholar, PG and Research Department of Commerce, Sri S.Ramasamy Naidu Memorial College, Sattur, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, Block chain, Future Currency


The goal of this study was to find out the details about Bitcoin, a digital crypto-currency that is decentralized. Most of it is singularly absorbed on Bitcoin rather than a more varied spread of cryptocurrencies. Since it has become a topic of interest these days there came a need for research in this topic to let people know what it is and the attention will be given to examine its theoretical concept, value, types, process and works, usage, regulations, merits, demerits, growth and developments, future and its innovative payment methods in future. So this paper will provide a brief yet in-depth and convincing analysis of Bitcoin.

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