Influence of the Sub Conscious Mind in Consumer Psychology of Buying in Contemporary ERA

  • Mubarak Ali Head, Department of Administrative and Financial Sciences, Oman College of Management and Technology, Halban, Sultanate of Oman
Keywords: Neuromarketing, unconscious mind, influence, consumer behaviour


The world is on a high with neuromarketing, the battle to conquer the unconscious mind by the retailers is intersifying. Brandhs now have the power to persuade the savvy consumer and trigger the buy button through nudging and baiting them in such a manner that they fall hook, line and sinker. retailers play with the powerful tool of brain wash and trap them with irresistible choices in absolute incredible settings. the contemporary era is about the fine art of influencing the unconscious mind. consumers are caught in the paradox of choice and the ambiguities further deepen into a cesspool of offers, paybacks, discounts, gifts vouchers and the like. the consumer's brain is hacked into by the marketers and the product positioning is irrational; there is no longer a logical and systematic process of trying to occupy the prime space in a consumer's mind but to cut into the subconscious brain to be unpredictable. the ground rules for today's consumer beahviour are engagement, likeability and paucity. people act and behave with hints and signals taken from the social interactions that they have, mainly on the social media which adds to the crucibles of thoughts and actions. the author through this paper has atttempted to understand the nauces of the psychology element in modern day consumers buying behaviour.

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