Brand Management: A Scientific Art of Branding a Country

  • Garima Bhardwaj Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Pannalal Girdharlal Dayanand Anglo Vedic College, New Delhi, India
Keywords: Branding, Positioned Brand, Perceived Brand, Biggest Economies in 2019-20, Travel and Tourism, Business Opportunities, FDI, Global Recognition, Positive Perception, Emerging Economies, Advanced Economies, Brand India


In 21st century, the first criteria that defines the perception of a nation is its economic status. In order to uplift economic status, countries try to reap their USPs by marketing them and positioning them as a brand, for attracting market from across the globe.Even when a country does not consciously manage its name as a brand, people still have images of countries that can be activated by simply voicing the name. Country images are likely to influence people’s decisions consciously or unconsciously, in making multiple other decisions such as Purchasing, Investing, Changing Residence, Traveling and many more. The world’s leading economies for 2019-20, including the USA, China, Japan have a renowned global image of its own in their respective field of uniqueness and that’s how, consistent nurturing of that image helps in positioning a nation as a specific brand. The economic power centres of the world have been changing from west to east and by the end of 2050, (A report by PwC, London) the current developing economies may become one of the largest economies of the world with the help of their smart global self-positioning strategies. India also, has huge stamina to be the 2nd largest economy by then, if the nation’s numerous factors have been marketized in such a way that can position this nation as a big brand, in so many areas, ultimately leading the nation towards a better global position in Diplomatic, Prestigious and Economic ways.

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