Globalization and Health – A Conceptual Framework

  • Anju Gupta Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, DAV Centenary College, Faridabad, Haryana, India
Keywords: Globalization, public health, community health, health risk, economic development, developing countries, consumption, opportunities


Globalization is the key trial for public health care and fundamental health protection, given the links between globalization and health care, which are very complicated today, the stress frequently being on developing countries, in which group is also Croatia. Although there are various papers available on this subject, it is necessary to provide an institutional structure for the assessment of direct and indirect health impacts of several appearances of globalization. Therefore, this paper presents a conceptual frame between health care and globalization based on the movements of David Woodward and Nick Drager, including the mission to serve as a guideline for the construction of existing papers in this field, as well as the search for new cognitions, which can ultimately 6to the growth of national policies on health.

When we talk about the conceptual structure, then, by all means, we need to pay consideration to the secondary effects on health, as well as the direct impact on the population on the level of particular risk factors on health and the wellness care system as a whole. The paper will pay appropriate attention to the overall objectives of the activities to optimize the health effects of economic globalization.

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