Reviewer Guidelines


The responsibility of the peer reviewer is to critically peruse and evaluate the article in their specialized field and then providing respectful, constructive and honest feedback to authors about their submission. It is meeting for the Peer Reviewer to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the article, ways to improve the depth and quality of the work and evaluate the relevance and originality of the manuscript.

Steps to be followed before Reviewing

The article you asked to be reviewed must match with your expertise. If it does not match kindly inform to the editor as soon as possible and also recommend an alternate reviewer if possible.

We provide two weeks to complete your review of an article. If you think that it will take more than two weeks kindly inform to the editor.

If you feel there are any conflicts of interest, it is important to disclose all conflicts of interest to the editors by discussion. Also, contact the editorial office for any questions or clarifications you further need to know about potential conflicts of interest.

Any manuscripts received for review must be kept confidential, Kindly not discussed with others.

At Review

While reviewing the article kindly note the following points

Does the article contain novelty and interesting content to notify for publication, check its importance and knowledge sharing to the research community? Check whether the question raised by the article is important to the research.

To determine whether it is original and suitable for the journal.

Whether the article provides sufficient information or not. If not, what information is needed and specify?

Inform the mistakes in, the article and give your suggestions for correcting it. If you find any problematic area in the article suggests removing or guiding with a suitable solution. Suggest addition of significant issues in the revised article. And also those suggestions should strengthen the article potentially.

Guidelines for Written Comments

Kindly give detailed comments about your review findings. The journal forwards your comments to the author for further improvement of the article. Kindly avoid personal and harsh comments. Make the comments short and constructive one. Ensure that your comments should help the author to improve the article. Kindly indicate the section of comments separately to editor and author.


Accept Submission, Revisions Required, Resubmit for Review, Decline Submission