A Study on National Education Policy 2020 Concerning Career Opportunities

  • K Meenakshi Sundaram Assistant Professor, PG and Research Department of Economics, Saraswathi Narayanan College, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Career opportunities, Education, Employment, Training, skills


Education is the key to achieve overall development and acquire human potential, developing an equitable and just society, and promoting development. Providing universally quality education which is a pivotal element in success, leadership on the global stage in terms of economic growth, social justice, equality, scientific advancement, cultural preservation, and national integration.

 Indeed, with the quickly changing employment landscape and global ecosystem, it is becoming increasingly critical that students not only learn but, more importantly, learn how to learn. Education, thus, must move towards less content and more towards critical thinking and problemsolving approach. The pedagogy of NEP-2020 must make students evolve with experiential, holistic, integrated, inquiry-driven, discovery oriented, learner-centered, discussion-based, and flexible, and of course, enjoyable.

 The world is undergoing rapid change in the knowledge scape. Today’s education should not offer a mere degree, but should be capable of imparting skills, technical knowledge, job-oriented training and should bring employment to the degree holders. It is to wish that the new education system should bring career opportunities to the students by imparting quality education with a universal approach and learner-centric pedagogy.

 In this context, this paper focuses on the new education policy w.r.t. its scope towards career opportunities in the coming era in achieving full employment.

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