An Empirical Study on International Market Scenario in Modern Economic Era of India

  • K.R. Srinivasan Assistant Professor & Head, Department of Economics, Sourashtra College, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • J Duraichamy Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce & Research Centre, Sourashtra College, Madurai, Tamil Nadu India
Keywords: Growth Perspective, Sustainability, GDP, GCR, Economy & Market, FDI, Economic Integration, Foreign-Domestic Consumption and Dependency


India has created as the fastest developing major economy on earth and is depended upon to be extraordinary compared to other three economic forces of the world all through the accompanying 10-15 years, upheld by its strong vote based framework and affiliations. The economy of India is depicted as a creating market economy. It is the world’s fifth-greatest economy by apparent GDP and the third-greatest by Purchasing Power Equality (PPP). Since the start of the 21st century, yearly typical GDP development has been 6% to 7%, and from 2014 to 2018, India was the speediest developing major economy, beating China. Unquestionably India was one of the greatest economies on earth for most of the two centuries from first until nineteenth century. The long stretch development perspective of the Indian economy remains positive in light of its young people and contrasting low dependence extent, sound save reserves and investment rates, and is growing fuse into the worldwide economy. The economy moved in 2017, due to paralyzes of “demonetization” in 2016 and introduction of Goods and Services Tax in 2017. Practically 60% of India’s GDP is driven by domestic private utilization and keeps on lingering the world’s sixth greatest purchaser market. Beside private utilization, India’s GDP is moreover filled by government spending, investment and trades. In 2018, India was the world’s 10th greatest merchant and the nineteenth-greatest exporter. India has been a person from World Trade Organization since 1 January 1995. It situated 63rd on Ease of working together rundown and 68th on Global Competitiveness Report. With 510-million-authorities, the Indian work power is the world’s second-greatest beginning at 2018. During the 2008 worldwide monetary crisis the economy went up against smooth log jam, India attempted improvement measures to help development and produce demand; in resulting year’s economic development re-established. As shown by World Bank, to achieve down to earth economic development India must focus on open sector change, establishment, horticultural and provincial development, departure of land and work rules, budgetary joining, prod private investment and fares, instruction and public prosperity. Hence, the present study has been conducted with an aim to give an overview on the International Market scenario in the modern economic era and study based on secondary sources of data collection.

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Srinivasan, K., & Duraichamy, J. (2020). An Empirical Study on International Market Scenario in Modern Economic Era of India. Shanlax International Journal of Economics, 8(2), 74-81.