The Impact of Sexual Violence on Women’s Earnings: The Case of Mashonaland West Province, Zimbabwe

Keywords: Sexual Violence, Women’s Earnings, Health, Education, Labour, Zimbabwe


Sexual violence profoundly affects the social well-being of victims through its numerous adverse mental health outcomes, which may affect survivors’ employment and earnings.However, scant scholarly literature examines the impact of sexual violence on women’s earnings in Zimbabwe. Using data collected from 173 working women in Zvimba and Hurungwe districts, the ordered logit model results showed that sexual violence (both lifetime and past 12 months experiences) was insignificant in influencing women’s earnings in Zimbabwe. While Educational attainment, location, and occupation were statistically significant in influencing women’s earnings. Women who attained higher levels of education (secondary and tertiary) had greater chances of earning higher incomes than those who attained primary education. Women who reside in urban areas were more likely to earn higher incomes than their rural counterparts. On occupation, those in the Managerial and Professional workers’ category had greater chances of earning incomes above $10,000 (ZWL) than those in other categories. Given the impact of education on women’s earnings, the study recommends that the government consider making education up to secondary level compulsory and free for women and subsidising their tertiary education through its ministries responsible for education. Providing more education centres, including vocational study centres, particularly in rural areas, may help empower rural women and improve their chances of participating in the labour market and earning higher incomes.

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Nesongano, T., Nyika, T., Makochekanwa, A., Moyo, S., & Mhloyi, M. (2022). The Impact of Sexual Violence on Women’s Earnings: The Case of Mashonaland West Province, Zimbabwe. Shanlax International Journal of Economics, 10(2), 47-63.