Revival of Agriculture in India – A Theoritical Perspective

  • V P Prince Prabakaran Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Voorhees College, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Agrarian Economy, Agricultural Sector, Policy Makers, Environmental Factors, Economic Policy, Performance of Agriculture, Agriculture Development, Average Rainfall, Agriculture Marketing, Farming, Agriculture Credit, Rural India, Agricultural Productivity


India was recognized across the globe as an agrarian economy very first five year plan during 1951-56 gave importance to agriculture. The need of 1950’s compelled or pressured the existence of agriculture sector, planners and policymakers also to formulate and shape of the country accordingly. Gradual improvements and the development of the country diverted from agriculture to service sector and industrial, really well appreciated and advancement but every Indian should realize the importance of mother earth which is providing agricultural output has been food for existence of every human being but current trend has totally changed to focus more and service sector then industrial sector least importance to agriculture sector this is the policy framework side, the other way round environmental factors climatic change, average rainfall, fertility of the soil needed input for agriculture totally disturbing. The current need of the society to think and do proactive measures has rightly pointed out by the first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, ‘everything else can wait but not agriculture’. Revival of agriculture is the need of hour with this understanding, the article is classified into four divisions; firstly, it start with introduction and highlight the remarkable performance of agriculture in India. Secondly, exhibits the declined trend of agriculture during the time of new economic policy. Thirdly, it analyse the recent trend of agriculture in India. Finally, this article suggests the concrete measures for future fruitful agricultural development in India.

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