A Comparative Study of Ride-Hailing Services in India

Keywords: Raid Hailing Services, Ola and Uber


The concept of the sharing economy has been around for a long time, and it has attracted a lot of academic and public attention. The earliest forms of transactions in human history involved bartering. The rise of the Internet has made it possible for people to connect with content and individuals they previously would have not been able to reach.
The rise of the internet has provided marketers with numerous opportunities. The increasing number of platforms that allow people to share content has changed the way traditional industries operate. It has forced the operators of these businesses to rethink their strategies.
The rapid emergence and growth of the taxi aggregators, such as Uber and Ola, has highlighted the importance of the platform economy. It is expected that it will play a significant role in reducing the carbon footprint of the industry and improving the efficiency of the operations of society.
The rise of the platform economy has allowed various companies to alter their existing markets. For instance, the car rental industry in India has seen significant growth. The increasing number of customers who are looking for a hassle-free travel experience has prompted the demand for this service.
Due to the emergence of new companies and the increasing number of international and national players in the car rental market, the industry is expected to grow significantly. These companies are providing various services to their customers, such as corporate services and chauffeur-driven cars.
The Indian taxi market is estimated to be at about $9 billion, with less than 10% of it organized. The business has been growing at a fast pace and is regarded as one of the fastest-growing segments of the transportation industry in the country. This paper aims to study the various facets of the taxi industry and compare the two major platforms, namely, Ola and Uber, which have changed the way the middle-class commutes.
The paper aims to analyze the various aspects of the car rental industry and compare the two major platforms, namely, Uber and Ola that have changed the way the middle class commutes. It is based on data collected from multiple sources.

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