A Pragmatic Analysis on Role of Tahdco in Dalit Entrepreneurs Empowerment in Theni District

  • V Krishnakumar Assistant Professor, PG & Research, Department of Commerce, Cardamom Planter's Association College, Bodhinayakanur, Theni, Tamil Nadu, India


Entreprenership is one of the key components of the socio-economic development of the country that makes employment opportunities, utilisation of local resources and mobilization of money. The Dalit entrepreneurs are still slotted into their traditional occupations which are manual based and really form of low level wage empowerment. Scheduled castes and Scheduled tribes are two groups always collectively struggling by various socio-economic victims such as discrimination, disabilities, untouchables practices, treatment of impure and polluted community, inequality etc. which are all refer the socio-economic disabilities. These who do think of moving into self-employed ventures Money is the only matter to promote the socio-economic conditions of the Dalits. Hence, there is a need for specialized institutions to provide financial assistance to Dalits. In India, various schemes and programme have been initiated and introduced to promote the Dalits. The TAHDCO is one of the institutions extending support to Dalits. This paper made an empirical analysis and reveals the role of TAHDCO in Dalit entrepreneur empowerment in Theni district.

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