Utilisation of Zero Priced Rural Healthcare System in India - A Review

  • M Chitra Assistant professor, Department of Econometrics, School of Economics Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • S. Pradeepan RUSA Project Assistant, School of Economics Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India https://orcid.org/0009-0006-2592-165X
Keywords: Rural Health, National Rural Health Mission, PHC, Health Status, Healthcare


Rural health is an important pillar of rural life for to return economic activity and using their muscle power. In India the rural healthcare system is supplying healthcare services at zero prices. As per the Economic Survey 2022-23, 65 percentages of India’s population lives in the rural areas and 47percentage of the population is dependent on agriculture for livelihood.On 12 April 2005, the Government of India took a major welfare initiative by launching National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) in 18 states with weak public health indicators and infrastructure and extended it across the entire country. Nearly two decades the programme is executing by government in rural healthcare which may be influence the residents positively in their health status. In addition, many government programs have been launched with the aim of improving rural health, the effectiveness of these initiatives is depends upon the utilisation of available healthcare serviceswhenever needed by the rural in habitants. The other side of healthcare system, specifically private sector healthcare is mushrooming as clinic, dispensary, hospital and multispecialty hospital and people are also utilising the services and willing to pay for their health requirements. The research question is, when a service is available at zero prices to access why the people are utilising the priced one healthcare service.Hence, here is an attempt wasconducted to find the utilisation of rural healthcare system by rural population in India from the published articles.The summary of findings of the reviewed articles enlighten the need of increasing the rural healthcare working hours, number of medical personnel, strengthening healthcare infrastructure, ensuring availability of essential medicines, need of palliative care in rural PHC and investing in multispecialty workforce development in rural areas. It’s crystal clear that any programme needs a continuous monitoring, evaluation and adaptation of strategies is essential. This kind of summation of findings from scattered articles about the accessing of healthcare will be an aid to the health policy maker. A concerted effort to raise the health status of rural communities will not only improve their quality of life but also contribute to the overall health and development of the country which is in the hands of rural healthcare system.

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