The Role of Women in Economic Development

  • S Sri Gugan Student of Government Law College, Salem
  • J Jerom Stuward Student of Government Law College, Salem
  • A Subhashini Assistant Professor, Government Law college, Salem
Keywords: women's economic participation, gender-inclusive policies, economic empowerment, policy interventions, sustainable development


Women's participation in economic development has emerged as a critical area of study and action in recent decades. The multifaceted role of women in driving economic growth, the historical context, theoretical frameworks, empirical evidence, and policy interventions surrounding this issue. Beginning with a historical overview, it traces the evolution of women's economic roles toward economic empowerment. Drawing upon feminist economic theories and human capital theory, the underlying factors shaping women's participation in the workforce and the persistent barriers they face, including gender-based discrimination and limited access to education and vocational training,through an analysis of empirical evidence, including case studies and statistical data, the economic impact of women's participation is demonstrating correlations between gender-inclusive policies and overall economic growth. It also explores the business case for gender diversity, emphasizing the tangible benefits for businesses and economies alike. Additionally, the key policy interventions and best practices aimed at promoting women's economic empowerment range from legal reforms to initiatives improving access to education and work-life balance.Drawing upon success stories and lessons learned from various contexts, the effective strategies for advancing women's economic participation and underscore the importance of sustained efforts in this regard. Finally, the future directions and recommendations for policymakers, businesses, and civil society actors emphasize the need for continued investment in gender-inclusive economic policies and practices. By prioritizing women's economic empowerment, societies can unlock the full potential of their economies, driving sustainable development and fostering greater equality and prosperity for all.

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Sri Gugan, S., Jerom Stuward, J., & Subhashini, A. (2024). The Role of Women in Economic Development. Shanlax International Journal of Economics, 12(2), 94-103.