Indian Economic Freedom in the New Millennium

  • S Boobalan Dominic Victor Research Scholar, Department of History, Arul Anandar College, Karumathur, Maduari, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Indian economy, Nehruvian Model, New Economic Policy, globalization, agreement on agriculture, WTO


“We will have time to reach the Millennium Development Goals – worldwide and is most, or even all, individual countries – but only if we break with business as usual. We cannot win overnight. Success will require sustained action across the entire decade between now and the deadlines. It takes time to train the teachers, nurses and engineers; to build the roads, schools and hospitals; to grow the small and large business able to create the jobs and income needed. So we must start now. And we must more than double global development assistance over the next few years. Nothing less will help to achieve the Goals”

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