Article Withdrawal Policy

Sometimes, authors send a request mail to withdraw their manuscript after our publication process was over. If the withdrawal did few days before submission, it is easy for us to handle. But if we receive the request very late, ie. Nearby publication date, it is very difficult to resolve it. Because withdrawal makes waste our resources and efforts invested for processing the manuscript by editors and reviews and our Journal team editorial staffs. Hence authors must think twice before submitting their article.

Pre-publication withdrawal: Article withdrawn within three days of submission. In that case, send your request with your article ID with article details. Withdrawal will be allowed only for the most enthralling and unavoidable reasons.

Post-publication withdrawal: This type of withdrawal done when any legal disputes or copyright and plagiarism infringements occur.

Following guidelines may help you to avoid article withdrawal:

  1. It is the corresponding author responsibility to get consent from other co-authors of the article.
  2. Before submission corresponding author will consult with co-authors about the data given and clear the differences of opinion before submitting the article.
  3. Before submitting, kindly make sure your selected Journal and its scope will coincide with your article.
  4. Get confirm, is it any NOC or permission required from the institution before submitting the article.
  5. Check the article for plagiarism before submission.
  6. Check multiple times that the data presented in the manuscripts are accurate and error-free.
  7. Submit the article to one Journal at a time. Do not submit your article to more than one Journal simultaneously.
  8. Get confirmation from the department or institution will allow materials and resources that have been used in the study and obtain permission to use data and facts from other sources are persons with appropriate permission.
  9. Also, decide the number of authors and their exact designation before submission or well before the article beginning stage itself.
  10. Kindly make sure you have to submit your final version of the manuscript.
  11. To publish the article, our Journal Team Members will give multiple reminders at every stage of the publication process. If authors do not reply for such remainders, Shanlax Journal having rights to withdraw or withheld the article.