Review Process

All papers in the journal undergo peer-review by two reviewers. Acceptance grants when both the recommendations of reviewers’ are positive.

Initial Review

The Chief Editor assesses each paper to decide whether its topic and content are appropriate for thought by the Shanlax Journals. The article that doesn’t meet minimum criteria returns to the author inside a week of receipt. The authors decide to correct the issues and submit the paper to a more proper appropriate setting.

Peer review

After the initial-review, Editor selects reviewers dependent on their mastery in that specific field. A minimum of two reviewers reviews each article under a double-blind peer review where both the reviewers and the authors are kept unknown. Reviewers are requested to evaluate the article depend on their originality, clarity, novelty, significance, completeness, research contribution and pertinence to design practices. Reviewers can choose any of the recommendations like Accept, Revisions required, Resubmit for review, decline submission. Reviewers are requested to finish their review within 1-3 weeks.

Editors' Decision

After collecting the reviewers’ reports, the Editor makes a final decision of the paper where it is accepted or resubmits to the authors to carry out the corrections marked by the reviewers. A revised article should be re-submitted within ten days of the decision. It will return to the original reviewers for evaluation. The review process may take 2 to 5 weeks depending upon the cycles of review required before the article is finally accepted. After this detailed review process, if an article is finally accepted, the Publisher and Editorial Board will take the decision in which issue that article will publish; and the author will intimate accordingly.