Effectiveness of Flipped Classroom in Teaching Organic Chemistry at Standard XI

  • S Birundha Research Scholar, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Flipped classroom, Strategies four pillars, Experimental design effectiveness


A flipped classroom is a setting in which what is traditionally, done in class is performed at home and vice versa. The students attend classes after they have watched their videos at home. They spend the class hours discussing concepts they find difficult to understand with their teachers and other students. They are indulged in more activities which promote their understanding in a better manner. The availability of videos recorded is a vital factor in a flipped classroom. A preparation procedure is to be chalked out by the teacher to record the appropriate materials. After the students get a clear deep understanding discussion goes on .Students construct their own knowledge. The principles of constructivism are associated with flipped classroom. Flipped classroom, obviously, alms at minimizing the lecturing hours is spent in the classroom. Students go in for discussion, form pairs and do group work engaging themselves in activities. Bascl (2016) summarized that videos are recorded before the class time and mailed to students through the internet. Extra materials besides videos are added to avoid boring learning climate. The learners are active participants the aim of the study was to trace the effectiveness of flipped class in enriching the knowledge of organic chemistry of students The study is an experimental one four strategies were employed in the study namely Buzzer session, Think pair and share Blooms taxonomy and activity the strategies proved to be effective.

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