Marketing Strategies of E-Banking Services

  • K Anandhi Assistant Professor, Department of Entrepreneurial Studies, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai
Keywords: E-Banking, Customers


A bank is an institution, which deals with money and credit. For a common man, a bank means a store house of money, for a businessman it is an institution of finance and for a day to day customer it is a depository for his savings. Actually banks are business organizations selling bank services. Banks play a vital role to serve the people and improve the economy of any country. Banks hold the savings of the public provide a means of payment for goods and services and finance development of the business and trade. Thus banks act as an intermediary in the flow of funds from server to users. Therefore, banks should render an efficient customer service, to retain the present customers and also to attract potential customers. It is imperative to integrate the marketing of E-banking services and customers’ expectations but also evaluating ways andmeans to improvise the e-banking services based on the customers’ perceptions on the attitude towards the e-banking service system of the banks. This study analyses such a problem.

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