Impact of Personality Traits on Organizational Citizenship Behavior

  • R Uma Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration, NIFT - TEA College of Knitwear Fashion, (Affiliated to Bharathiar University), Mudalipalayam, Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu, India
  • R Radhamani Associate Professor, Department of Business Administration, NIFT - TEA College of Knitwear Fashion (Affiliated to Bharathiar University), Mudalipalayam, Tiruppur, Tamilnadu, India
Keywords: Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Organizational Citizenship behaviour, Personality


Purpose: Employee behaviours as measures of performance make it significant to explore such relevant behaviours and the causal factors of behaviour. One such relevant behaviour is Organizational citizenship behaviours which are proven to promote organizational effectiveness and the causal factors of citizenship behaviours are classified as organizational and individual. Among the individual factors that cause behaviour, personality traits are taken for investigating for their role in promoting organizational citizenship behaviour. The discretionary aspect of citizenship behaviour signifies that citizenship behaviours are displayed at the will of the individuals which lends credence to the antecedent ability of individual factors. Personality traits being an individual factor causing behaviour, the study has investigated the antecedent ability of two specific personality traits – agreeableness and conscientiousness.
Research Design/ Methodology: Descriptive research method was employed in this study. A sample size of 112 was collected using convenience sampling method.Correlation and multiple regression using SPSS version 28 was used for data analysis.
Findings: The results have established the personality trait- conscientiousness as a significant predictor of all the dimensions of citizenship behaviour.
Limitations: This work has covered academicians employed in the private arts and science colleges. Generalizability of the results to academicians in government institutions, aided institutions needs further investigation as the organizational environment differs in private and government institutions.
Originality/Value: With personality traits being an innate factor for causing behaviour, the study intends to examine the power of innate qualities of an individual in promoting specific behaviours.

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