Influence of Multimedia in Enhancing Achievement in Chemistry of Students of IX Standard

  • N Nisha Research Scholar, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: scientific qualities, teaching learning process, scientific activities, Multimedia, Interactive Computing, academic achievement


Science develops in students the qualities like truthfulness, honesty, open-mindedness and goodness. It makes him free from false – beliefs and superstitions. Because of the above-mentioned values of science, it finds a very important place in today’s high school curriculum. Every body is expected to study science up to high school level. The development of scientific qualities depends on the way of teaching of the science subjects to the students. The approach and style of presenting the science instructions to the students is much more  responsible for the development of scientific qualities students should be given opportunity to participate in the teaching learning process. They should arrange their experimental work themselves by participating in different scientific activities and through various other science programmes like science fairs, science clubs and scientific excursions. Science is the creative response to the curiosity and capacity to wonder present amongst every human being. Learning of Science in schools augments the spirit of enquiry, creativity and objectivity along with aesthetic sensibility. It aims to develop well -defined abilities of knowing, doing and being. It also nurtures the ability to explore and seek solution of the problems related to environment and daily life situations and to question the existing beliefs, prejudices and practices in society. Science concerns itself with the fundamental knowledge of universe, world and it environment. Science is universal and its principles and laws can be verified anywhere. The technology takes appropriate shapes depending upon various factors including economic, geographical, social and political conditions. The twenty first century citizens will have to acquire the basics of scientific and technological literacy.. It would help them discover the relationship between science and technology in these areas besides acquiring problem – solving and decision making skills.

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