The Role of Advertising in Travel Trade

  • G Anitha Assistant Professor, Department of Hotel Management and Catering Science, Madurai Kamaraj University College, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: advertising, tourism, target audience, campaigns


Advertisement plays an important role in attracting tourists towards tourist’s resorts through, different media like newspapers, magazines, radio, television, posters, brochures etc. Customs, traditions, pieces of heaven, tourist destinations or any other things, material or not, can bemagnified, made better knownand never the less ‘sold’ through there right media and the right advertising. Advertisement have also the opportunity of counter acting and reducing the effects rumours political, economic or social-which may be influencing the demand for travel, international travel is sensitive to instability and political in rest and economic crisis. Successful and sustained travel advertising and promoting, however, help to minimise unfavourable and unsavoury publicity and to retain a sense of perspective Thus, the advertisements can have an economic, social and cultural impact. From an economic point of view, it is widely believed that the ads have a positive impact on the economy stimulating the demand for products and services, strengthening the economy by promoting the sale of goods and services, whereas from a social and cultural point of view it creates and strengthens there Latino ships between leisure, tourist environment and never the lesshumans. Therefore, tour operators know that publicity can help to sell a new package quickly, enabling them to get back the costs needed in developing new ones. The development of suitable advertising and marketing campaigns is vital in creating this consciousness within a target audience. Moreover, tourism is an industry where the customer must travel to the “product” instead of the otherway around. Consequently, tourism-related businesses, agencies and organizations need to worktogether to promote tourism opportunities of a particular location and align their efforts so that theuse of appropriate promotional campaigns lead to an increase of the tourism industry.

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