Alcoholism in Kerala and the Organised Violation of Human Rights of Women

  • A Shaji Faculty Member, Department of History, School of Distance Education, University of Kerala, Palayam, Thiruvananthapuram, India
Keywords: Alcoholism, Keralam, sociologists, psychologists, criminologists, anthropologists, economists, educators


Keralam, over the last few decades, has become the State with the highest per capita consumption of alcohol. If it is ever possible to quantify the illegally manufactured and sold liquor, the per capita consumption level is bound to take a further leap upwards. Alcohol has become a highly visible aspect of life throughout the State, and there is no sort of let-up in this. Alcohol-related mental and physical problems, suicides included, have become well-known aspects of Malayalee society Strictly speaking, growing alcohol intake and the resultant individual, family and social problems cut across the different classes, but the poorer sections bear the brunt of the tragedy. This is mainly because of the severe economic drain and frequent imbibing of cheap, low quality fire water type of poisonous drinks, leading to fast and steady degeneration of all sorts of health conditions. The rich man obviously need spend only a small percentage of his income on drinks, but it is only too common in urban and rural Keralam to witness workers throwing away even more than 70 % of their daily income on poisonous brew. 

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