Post Colonial Perspective of Identity and Space in Micheal Ondaatje’s the English Patient

  • E Rathika PG Student, Department of English, Ethiraj College for Women, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Nationalism, Postcolonial, Traumatic, Explorers


The English Patient by Micheal Ondaatje focuses the sense of loss of identity withstands us the major trauma of the modern diaspora. This novel seeks to explore not only the identity and displacement experienced y the colonized but on the other end it focuses on colonizers too. The centralnotion of this paper is to analyze identity crisis in the novel The English Patient from the post colonial perspective through the concept of nationalism and national identity. It also focuses on the erasure ofthe national identities and selves of a group of European explorers, scientists and spies, including the colonized Kip, an Indian, serving as a bomb diff user in the British army. Even though the scientist mission is to map the desert they can hardly achieve it. The desert in the novel stands as the metaphor with symbolizes the unreliable national identities that scattered and diffused by their traumatic personal experiences at the alien land.

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