Vimana Architecture under the Cholas

  • N Neela Head & Associate Professor of History
  • G Ambrosia Assistant Professor of History, Sri Meenakshi Government Arts College for Women (A), Madurai
Keywords: VijayalayaChola, RajarajaChola, Amaravathi, vimanas, dravida, Punjai, garbagraha


The Chola kings ruled from 848-1280 A.D. The Cholas were prolific temple builders right from the times of the first king VijayalayaChola. RajarajaChola I and his son RajendraChola who built temples such as the Brihadeshvara temple of Thanjavur and Brihadeshvara temple of GangaikondaCholapuram, the Airavatesvara temple of Darasuram and the Sarabeswara  (Shiva) temple at Thirubhuvanam.These temples are titled Great Living Chola Temples among the UNESCO world Heritage sites. Thus the Cholas continued the temple building traditions of the Pallava dynasty, who were influenced by the Amaravathi School of Architecture.The Chola artists and artisans further drew their influences from other contemporary art and architectural schools and elevated the Dravidian temple design to greater heights.Vimanas were the important part of temple Architecture of Cholas.The vimanas majestically continues to dominate in the subsequent period.5

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