Darghas in Tamil Nadu

  • M Amzad Ali Ph.D Research Scholar, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai
Keywords: Muslim Saints, Devotees, Darghas, festivals and ceremonies


The dargha is a tomb or shrine of a beloved and noble person loved by the Muslims. In few places the Muslims build dargha in the name of the Auliyas, the close associates of god, as a memorial but they are not buried there. It indicates the popularity of islam as well as the significance of Islamic traditional architecture in the form of darghas. The dargha emerged after the attainment of popularity by the muslim saint of a particular area attained the status of holy or pilgrim centre The dargha also suggested the fact that the dead and gone people should be duly venerated with the erection of remember able monuments and the darghas are constructed in all the muslim penetrated and settled areas of Tamil Nadu.

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