Human Rights – Ethics an Overview

  • V Gayathri Advocate, Faculty in Institute of Company Secretaryship of India (ICSI), Madurai
Keywords: Applied ethics, Egalitarian, Covenants, Servitude, Ethnicity, Good governance


Ethics defines the elements essential to human well-being and proposes principles to be used as guidelines for generating an ethical culture. It also refers to the specific values, standards, rules and agreements. People adopt for conducting their lives. Ethics are not merely social conventions, like table manners. It defines the social conditions necessary for human beings to thrive. Human rights do not simply define the needs of people, but recognize people as active subjects and claimholders, thus establishing the duties and obligations of those responsible for ensuring that needs are met. This paper attempts to explain the relationship between Ethics and Human Rights. The objective of serving a universal minimum provision of respect for persons can be achieved through proper address towards these issues.

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