Job Satisfaction among Library Professionals Working in Academic Institutions in Madurai District

  • T S Premish Priya Librarian, K.L.N. Polytechnic College, Kozhimedu, Viraganoor Post, Madurai
Keywords: Job Satisfaction, Library Professionals, Madurai District, Librarians salary, Overall job satisfaction, Gender difference and job satisfaction


Job Satisfaction of employees in general is considered to be significant when an organization wants achieve user satisfaction. Academic libraries are non-profit oriented service production systems. The digital technology orientation in academic libraries has thrown more challenges to the library professionals rather than to the users who at times outwit the library professionals. The social pressure from the users and online documents pressure have put the library professionals in a stress. The extent of job satisfaction may differ individually according to age, educational qualification, experience and marital status. The results revealed by the study that responding library professionals working in academic institutions in Madurai district were found to have their job satisfaction at varying degrees.

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