Effectiveness of Groundnut Haulm Compost (GHC) on the Escalation and Yield of Groundnut

  • J Mathivanan Research Scholar, Research and Development Centre, Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore
  • P Jayaraman Assistant Professor, Department of Botany, Govt. Arts College, Nandhanam, Chennai
Keywords: Requirements of High Population, Food Production, Global Agriculture, Climatic Change, Increased Population Pressure, Agro-Ecosystem and Detrimental Environmental Impacts


India is a fast developing country and has a great challenge to meet the requirements of its high population. The human population of the country is increasing at the alarming rate. There is an urgent need to increase the food production of the nation to cope up with the increasing population. Today, global agriculture is at crossroads and this is the consequence of climatic change, increased population pressure and detrimental environmental impacts and new mechanism must be foundto ensure food security through sustainable crop production system that will supply adequate nutrition without harming the agro-ecosystem.Hence, the present study focuses to give a view about effectiveness of Groundnut Haulm Compost (GHC) on the escalation and yield of groundnut and the study based on both primary and secondary data collection.

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