The Problems of Elderly Tribal Women in Kodaikanal Hills: A Sociological Study

  • S Vanaja Kumari Associate Professor in History Madurai Meenakschi Government Arts College for Women (a), Madurai
Keywords: Paliyan tribes, Kodaikanal hills, Vaadadounchi, Thandikudi, Poolathur, Kookal and Kamanur village panchayats, Kilakuchettipatti, Adukkam


The Paliyan tribes are illiterate and highly ignorant and gullible. They are ignorant as well as unaware of the day-to-day happenings not being assertive enough to grasp the opportunities that are offered by the Government. They continue to cling to their domicile and maintain the pattern of life sticking to the age-old customs. They evade assimilation and joining the mainstream of society. The lack confidence and they have competitive spirit. The occupations they engaged in are seasonal and fetch meagre income. They are not in a position to provide education to their children and are not able to avail of better medical facilities. They have to Labour Day and night to earn their daily bread.

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