The New Millennium – An Age of Post – Theory

  • P David Livingstone Associate Professor of English, Government Arts College, Trichy
Keywords: Literary, criticism, Paradim, identification, analysis, speculation


Literary critical discourses have become increasingly unhelpful to students or to a reader interested in literature. The history of literary theories is one of moving from one enclosure to another new one. The theories have been destructive than being helpful to the creative or theoretical faculties in man. Most recent critical approaches are in a denial mode when most of the critics begin with a disclaimer saying that their views or opinions are not theories at all. They signal a deep dislike for literary theories. Therefore a basic understanding of fundamental facts on theories is needed. It is profitable to see how they influence the creation of a paradigm. A general explanation of a paradigm is given. The views on paradigm are drawn from Thomas Khun. (1962) and
Karl Popper(1959) which are philosophy of science. The present article makes use of them in studying the nature of literary theories. The article concludes by promoting a sense of need for a new shoot of life; a new bearing to the creation and criticism of literature proper.

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