Christian Art in India

  • L R Charlet Sharmili Historical Studies & Tourism Management, Mother Terasa Women’s University, Kodaikanal
Keywords: industrialization, religion, Vijayanagar, Great Chaitya Temple, Salsette Island, white Jews


India is a land with a great artistic tradition and also with a great religious tradition and art and of religion, has been closely intertwined at every phase of their history. To Indians, even in these modern times of Western-style industrialization, religion and art are both of major importance, and the two are felt to belong very much together. India is a land of religious art. One may also hope that the history of Christian art in India may be of some interest and use even outside the Christian Church. It is true that the Christian community is only a small minority in the nations of the sub-continent, being far outnumbered by Hindus and Muslims.

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