Service Quality In Commercial Banks – An Empirical Study

  • S Parthibavel Research Scholar, BSMED, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore
Keywords: Customer satisfaction, Service quality, SERVQUAL


The present study examines the relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction through the SERVQUAL model. In this research service quality dimensions such as Tangibility, Reliability, Assurance, Responsiveness and Empathy considered as independent variables and customer satisfaction is considered as dependent variable. For the purpose of present study 56 customers were selected randomly in Madurai District and the primary data were collected through administrating structured questionnaire from those selected customers. The collected date was analyzed by inferential statistics. Pearson Correlation analysis revealed that there is a significant positive correlation between service quality and customersatisfaction. Also the study found that service quality is significantly impact on customer satisfaction. Hence maintaining high quality services in commercial bank will have excellent customer satisfaction where as low quality services will lead to a decline in customer satisfaction which also may result to loss of customers.

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