Discovering Divine Sweetness – Bharathidasan an Ardent Devotee of Tamil Language

  • R Gowthami Head and Professor of English, Bharath College, Tanjore
Keywords: Keats, Bharathidasan, literary, Sanskrit, Hindi, English


True to this poetic perception of Keats, Bharathidasan, the bard of universal significance strives to explore the unfelt, unheard and the hidden, innate sweetness of the ancient Tamil language. The seed from which the fragrant, pleasant blossoms of his poetic composition sprout is undoubtedly, his intense passion for Tamil language. Poets are individualists. No doubt in it. But the personality of a poet, to some extend is molded by the literary, social, historical and political background of the age in which he lives. The thematic network of a poem is framed by the cherished ideals of the community or the clan to which the poet belongs. This literary feature of a bard makes him play a vital social role as a revolutionary or as a reformer with recuperative objectives. Based on this perspective it would be appropriate to presume that Bharathidasan evolved as a powerful force of literary significance with a dominant literary objective to uplift on to raise Tamil language to a higher moral, social and cultural level and to regain or recuperate its classical antiquity.

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