Trible Medicine in Western Ghats

  • M A Sivaraman Post Doctoral Fellow, Department of Linguistics, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai
Keywords: Ayurveda, Kani, Adiyar, Paniyar kurichiar, koragar, kurumar kattumaykkar, Tribal


India has a wonderful tradition of the arts and science of healing with view of tribal’s medicine formulations are lucidly placed and listed in Ayurvedic traditional practice with high sounds apply in variety of field especially in medicine field. Unfortunately, it is conveniently keep away from modern people’s perspective, i.e.tribals medicine valuable knowledge. And more spectacularly, the major groups of tribes in Kerala are, Kani, Adiyar, Paniyar kurichiar, koragar, kurumar kattumaykkar, etc. Kanis mainly inhabit the forests of Kerala Tamil Nada border which is situated in the southern most part of Western Ghats popularly known as Agasthyar koodam.It is really believed to be the sacred abode of the great saint Agasthya and the heaven of medicine herbs. It has one of the most diverse biological resources in the particular region.

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