Efficacy of Comprehensive Psychotherapeutic Intervention on Anxiety among Chronic Low Back Pain Patients

  • M V Sudhakaran Associate Professor, School of Social Science, Tamil Nadu open University, Chennai
  • Tarannum Mushtaq Research Scholar, Department of Psychology, Vinayaka Mission’s Research Foundation, Salem
Keywords: physiotherapy, Spielberg’s state, Trait Anxiety Scale, tissue, Anxious


In recent years, comprehensive pain programs were seen to be successfully treated. Patients based on a combination of psychological and physiotherapeutic interventions. The present investigation was carried out to study the efficacy of comprehensive psychotherapeutic intervention (where the psychotherapy and physiotherapy included as treatment component) on the experience of anxiety level among chronic low back pain patients. N=60 out patients with chronic low back pain of at least 6 months duration, with different medical diagnosis, were selected randomly, from the physiotherapy centre in a multi specialty hospital were subjected with pre test and post test by administrating Spielberg’s state and Trait Anxiety Scale to measure anxiety level before and after the intervention. The comprehensive psychotherapy intervention employed was Behavioral counseling, muscle relaxation technique, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, self instructions, physiotherapy. The paired t-test was utilized to analyze the entire data. The findings show that there was a significant reduction in the anxiety level among the chronic low back pain patients after the comprehensive psychotherapeutic intervention. The present study indicates the efficacy of comprehensive psychotherapeutic intervention in significantly decreasing the level of anxiety in chronic low back pain patients, and the reduction was maintained till the last stage. These findings are discussed.

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