Fostering Will-Power

  • Isola Rajagopalan Chief-Editor, Shanlax International Journals
Keywords: will-power, Spiritual, Self-improvement, deep thinking, maya, temptation


We desire to be successful in life. Whatever may be our pursuit—in the direction of worldly prosperity or spiritual illumination, in spheres secular or spiritual —not one of us likes to court with failure. We all want to win. It will be noticed in various spheres of life, truly successful men are only a few. Many are those who attain only a moderate degree of success. And many more just fail. There are various factors in the stories of men's successes and failures of life. But in every single case there will be one common factor involved. The potent factor is will-power. The degree of a person's success in life is commensurate with the degree of will-power he has attained. 'How to develop the will-power' turns out to be the most important fundamental issue of everyone's life. It should be the part of our education from our childhood to be trained in developing the will-power, for without it education remains largely ineffective.

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