Thinking Style

  • Saradha Sankararaman Research Associate, Kauntinya Institute of Educational Technology, Madurai
Keywords: Thinking, mental process, cognition, perception, memory, conception


Thinking is an inner kind of mental process in which mental contents follow one another and which can be studied independently of the needs, motives and desires of an individual. In a broad sense thinking includes all form of cognition, perception, memory and conception. Thinking is often described as adjustment to a hypothetical situation. Thinking, like perceiving and remembering, is a cognitive process. It however, depends both on perception and the memory of the material The material, which has been in the thought process, is the one that was observed at some previous occasion and is remembered at the present moment A-thinking skills program must help children think more logically and more meaningfully. Inseparable from speech thinking is a socially - conditioned mental) process of search for and discovery of the essentially capable of mediated and generalized reflection of reality with the help of analysis ant synthesis, thought desires from practical activity and evolving from sensuous knowledge, extends far beyond its bonds.

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