Coastal Pollution and Eco Problems in Kerala

  • G V Jinu Research Scholar, University Library, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
Keywords: Coastal issues, coastal conservation, coastal ecosystems, public awareness, marine ecosystem


Kerala- God’s own country is one of the smallest  states in India, covering merely 1.3 percent of the total  area of country, Flanked by Karnataka on the north and Tamil Nadu to the east, Kerala is sandwiched between the  Western Ghats on the east and Arabian sea on the west. Based on the physical feature, the state can be divided into three natural divisions namely- the Sandy coastal region with its extensive coconut groves, paddy field, back water and sea, the middle region made up of fertile reddish hills and the valley that grow most of the Kerala agricultural crops, and the mountainous region of peaks, extensive  ridges and ravines of the western ghats, where sandalwoods, tea, coffee, rubber and most of Kerala’s exotica spices are grown, clean water, healthy coastal habitats and a safe secure  and enjoyable environment are clearly fundamental to successful tourism. But Kerala’s  coasts are facing a great threat of uncontrollable pollution and degradation due to population growth, urbanization and improper  waste disposal. A proper  conservatory means of safeguarding  the coasts is necessary for the development of future generation. This paper aims to examine  how far coastal pollution hinders human development and growth. An overall conservation of coasts is necessary for a better and healthy future generation.

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