Philosophy and Ideals of Sri Narayana Guru

  • G Malathi Faculty, Dr. Krishnasamy IAS Academy, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Yogam, SNDP, Education, Morality, Universal spirit


Sri Narayana Guru was one of the famous Philosophers in Indian society; he wants to uplift the lives of people from their problems, unwanted rituals, and customs. He intended to make full use of knowledge and made himself an instrument to correct the ills of the world. He got awakening during penance in the cave of Marutvamalai, near to Kanyakumari, his life and ambitions as well as the career of benevolence and prosperity were laid in his personality. He made the logical conclusion that there is only one caste – humanity, one religion – Humanism, and one God- the Universal Spirit. He started SNDP for the welfare of the people and motivated people to learn education, which is one of the solutions for development.

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