Brutal Harassments against Woman in Last Decade

  • S Vidya Assistant Professor, Government Law College, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Sexual Harassment, Acid attack, Gang-rape, Brutal incidents, violence against women, public protest


Women are facing serious insecure circumstances in today’s society. Women are being subjected to various sexual harassment like Rape and murder, sexual assault, acid throwing, war rape, sexual violence, sexual slavery, forced prostitution, woman trafficking, and so on. Despite all available strict laws made by the legislature for preventing this violence, it remains pervasive through out the world. Even when stringent punishment were given in these cases, such barbaric activities against women are continuously happening every day in some place in our nation. Every woman who comes out of her home faces any one form of harassment stated above. This paper aims to explore the status of women in India in the last decade. It recollects some of the brutal and aggravated incidents of harassment against women in our country. The paper concludes with a message “Violence against women must never be excused and never be tolerated. Every woman must be respected and protected. It is the responsibility of every human being to STOP SEXUAL HARASSMENT.”

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