Tourists’ Satisfaction towards Ayurveda Tourism in Kerala

  • Fredy T Louis Ph.D Research Scholar (Tourism Management) Centre for Tourism & Hotel Management, Madurai Kamaraj University, Tamil Nadu, Madurai
Keywords: Tourists’ Satisfaction,, Traditional Medicinal Systems,, Ayurveda,, Holistic Treatment,, Rejuvenation Therapy,, Heterogeneous Service Provider, Eco-Friendly Environment


The Success of the Service - Oriented Tourism Industry corresponds to the level of Tourist Satisfaction at the destination. The Tourist preference, most often, to visit and experience a destination, is determined by the kind of quality services, provided to and experienced by the visitor. The practice of Ayurveda Tourism in Kerala is no exception to this.  The State of Kerala, of late, has become the hot spot for Ayurvedic treatment, and rejuvenation therapies. As a Brand Ambassador of Ayurveda Tourism, Kerala attracts a large of chunk of Foreign Tourist arrivals, which supplement to the State revenue too. An analytical approach to Various components connected with Ayurveda Tourism practiced in Kerala and the level of tourist satisfaction, stands as a testimony to the quality of service provided, on par with international standards.

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