Quality of Life of Women living with cervical Cancer in Dharmapuri

  • N Kalaivani Doctoral Scholar, Research & Development, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore
  • Janet Parameshwara Head, Department of Social Welfare, Kidwai Cancer Institute, Bangalore
Keywords: Dharmapuri, Women with cervical cancer, Quality of life


Women living with cervical cancer are increasing in everyday life especially in the developing countries. The prevalence of cervical cancer among women increases by 28.8% of the total cases annually (Zeng, Ching and Long, 2010). One of the common widespread gynecological malignancies worldwide among women is cervical cancer (Seigel R. et. al, 2012). The women with cervical cancer relatively have five year survival rate was estimated for around 91.5%. The treatment for cervical cancer is effective when compared to the past decades. The different methods of treatment such as surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy are available for treating patients with cervical cancer. The quality of life of women with cervical cancer needs due attention by the health care professionals towards the cancer survivors in improving their quality of life. The women with cervical cancer may have different perspective towards quality of life. The cancer survivors in Western countries stated quality of life as being healthy and independent in reclaiming life and having psychological well-being and better social relationships (Khalil, J., Bellefqih, et. al., 2015). Descriptive research design was used in this study among 60 women respondents living with cervical cancer. The respondents are selected from Dharmapuri Medical College Hospital those who are in the process of cancer treatment. In this study an attempt was made to analyze the quality of life of women living with cervical cancer in Dharmapuri.

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