Application of Stochastic Process in Signal Processing

  • N John Britto Research Scholar (Statistics), Annamalai University, Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Light-emitting diode (LED), Memoryless property, Birth and death process, Gilbert Model, Two-state Markov Chain, Maximum likelihood Estimation procedure (MLE), Bayesian inference


In this paper introduction about birth and death Poisson process basic result of the markovian application in queuing theory used in signal processing, signal transfer from some to passion based on the intermediate node, each intermediate node are transformed from signal strength S is directly proportional to 1/√p based on the formula using the internal communication a dependent can be characterised by the Gilbert model. Two state Markov model signals, distance when signal strength is greater the distance should be reduced. Bayesian inference is used, few numerical examples are studied.

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