Social Implications of Covid-19 Pandemic: A Brief Analysis

  • M Riswan Senior Lecturer, Department of Sociology, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka
Keywords: Covid-19, Elders and vulnerable, Lockdown, Migrant workers, Post-crisis trauma, Social stress, Socio-cultural dysfunction


The occurrence of Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) has become a serious worldwide health hazard. This newly invented virus or respiratory illness has affected 216 countries so far. This pandemic has caused economic, political, psychological, and cultural impacts across countries, especially among middle-class, lower-class, poor migrants who have been suffered a lot due to this pandemic worldwide. All affected countries are now battling against this tragedy and inventing proper medicine to overcome this very solemn health calamity from the world. Thus, this paper aimed to explore the social implications which occurred due to Covid-19 widespread globally. This article is an initial attempt to study and examine numerous social impacts of Covid-19 and generally interpret the ways how people are adjusting their social life during a lockdown scenario everywhere. Without previous literature contribution, this study intends to input knowledge to the existing fields. It found that people associated with the concept of social distance, lockdown, self-isolation or quarantine, sanitation, etc. In this situation, most of the communities in the world are now distorted, and it has been found that social interaction and social network were disrupted, source of income and job were dislocated, cultural practices and religious institutions are dysfunctional, and people lose their lives daily and affected seriously across global. The study will provide basic facts on social implications of Coronavirus prevalence to use as key ideas for future studies.

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