The Propaganda Model in the Digital Age: A Review of Literature on the Effects of Social Media on News Production

  • John Demuyakor Institute of Communication Studies, Communication University of China, Beijing, China
Keywords: Digital revolution, News production, Social media, Propaganda model


The 21st century is best described by many as the Digital Age. The digital revolution at the beginning of the century has witnessed the introduction of social media platforms. About two decades now, globally, the are several questions on the effects of social media on the new production. While a section of media and communication experts view that social media has positively promoted news production, other scholars strongly see the negative side of social media in news production, especially with the context of the propaganda model. The objective of this article is to offer insightful review literature on the effects of social media on news production, within the context of the propaganda model to improve the reader’s understanding of the role of social media news production. The review is divided into two sections; the first part gives us much insight into what the propaganda model is all about, and the second section critically looks at the net effects of social media in news making via the propaganda model.

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