The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) - An Overview

  • V Konakuntla Rayappa Assistant Professor, Government College for Women, Chinthamani, Karnataka, India
  • M.D. Bavaiah Professor, Department of Economics and Applied Economics, Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, India
Keywords: Mahatma Gandhi, MGNREGA, Employment, Rural scheme, Rural employment, Village development


Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MNREGS) was introduced in 2006 by the Government of India to provide 100 days’ assurance employment for the poor rural citizen to make their employment security. The Mahatma Gandhi NREGA sponsors various schemes for helping rural people below the poverty line for the construction of wage employment and productive assets, but this scheme has either both advantages and disadvantages due to many reasons; hence, this study reviews the clear perspective of people on this above system. Besides, the purpose of this study is to provide an overview of the MGNREGA scheme for easy access and reference by researchers, which will be supportive for a policymaker to advance the scheme

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