Family Disorganization - A Social Problem in Karnataka

  • Chidananda Swamy C Department of Sociology Government First Grade College, Magadi, Ramanagra, India
Keywords: Family, Family disorganization, Desertion, Divorce, Maladjusted, Household broken


The Family is as a basic unit of society. According to August Comte family is a primary unit of the society. It a has link between individual and community. It is made up with parents and their children, who come from the same ancestor and living together in the same household. Family disorganization means breaking family relations, family crisis, bracken of marriage relationships, family dissolution, marital maladjustment, dissertation, separation, divorce etc,. It is called the conflict in marriage between family members. It is global problem. Marital conflict is inevitable and become part and parcel of life today but should handle carefully. Many disorganized people do not have the social stigma. The main reason for this is lack of adoption and understanding between couples. It effects on families parents, dependents and children. Some children from disorganized homes grow up to become social misfits and later graduate into delinquents and criminals. They may be maladjusted with people. According to Tim and Joy Downs in their book, The Seven Conflicts, couples who never learn how to effectively manage their conflicts begin a series of stages in their relationship that can ultimately destroy it.

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