Wooden Toy of Chennapatna, India: Beauty of Form & Socio-Cultural Reflection on the Characterization of Toy

Keywords: Aesthetical value, Craft, Environment-friendly, Social, Culture, Tradition, Toymaking


Toy making is a part of almost every civilisation, and still, it is continuing as a living tradition in so many countries. Toys play an overall growth for a child. It developed a child mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally. Though it has started as a folk tradition or community-based craft, it has commercial and strong aesthetical value. This study focused on the Chennapatna toy from India. Chennapatna toy is a environment-friendly toy made with softwood, natural colour, and lacquer. This study critically analyses the beauty of the form of Chennapatna toys and also explore how this toy is made by natural substance. Like other art forms, toys also represent art, culture, religion, society, and civilisation. This study also critically analyses the socio-cultural issues, which are well reflected through this toy-making tradition.

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