Probing into Job Satisfaction Among Community Campus Teachers

Keywords: Community campus, Motivation, Ordinal data, Satisfaction, Teachers, Teaching


The chief objective of this article is to probe into the level of job satisfaction among community campus teachers. Job satisfaction is the state of how content persons are with their jobs. It can be appraised on the basis of their responses to their feelings, perceptions, likes and dislikes for the jobs. Divergent factors can influence the satisfaction level of the personnel in their work. A crosssectional survey design was adopted to carry out the research study. Twenty question items of five-point Likert scale type regarding the job satisfaction of the teachers were administered at two campuses situated in Dang District of Nepal in 2020. Simple random sampling technique (lottery) was used to select 52 campus teachers as respondents for the study by maintaining the confidence level (95%) and the margin of error (5%) from the population of 59 teachers. The collected data were statistically analyzed by using SPSS .The study revealed that the teachers were satisfied (Median=4) with their teaching profession at the respective campuses. The Mann-Whitney U test showed that the teachers of the two campuses had a similar level of job satisfaction. Similarly, there was no statistically significant difference in the job satisfaction between male teachers and female teachers.

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